Shanley McCray

is the Owner & Operator of Opportune Independent Publishing Company, based in Austin and Houston, TX. She started her writing career at both her undergrad Universities: Bethune-Cookman University and Florida A&M University. There, she wrote for all on-campus publications, and local newspapers and magazines as well. She went on to produce an award-winning portfolio for her writing style, mastery-level of Associated Press writing style and works within the public relation industry.

Since graduating with her bachelor’s degree in public relation and a MBA, she has remained loyal to the communications field. Shanley has had experience working as a public relations practitioner, business English instructor, content & SEO manager, communications & research consultant, author and communications & IT specialist. These were amongst several companies: Chevron Phillips Chemical Co., Capgemini, Florida Chamber of Commerce and ABC English (China).

After living in China for a year, she birthed Opportune Publishing, to give non-traditional writers a chance to become published authors. Opportune Publishing accepts an array of clients; assisting with marketing, public relations, editing, formatting, publishing, content writing, ghostwriting and all the other book writing and publishing services needed to create a high-quality book.

She has authored two books in the past, but most recently she has produced Book Writing Guide & Planner: How to Write Your First Book, Become an Author, and Prepare for Publishing. She hopes to create more non-traditional and first-time authors to manifest writing dreams that wouldn’t have been otherwise.


Opportune Publishing is a full-service book publishing company that focuses on non-traditional authorship. We love first-time writers, children, people who think they can’t write well, and everyone else in between. It has become our mission to fall in love with every great concept or idea, and not judge by the initial manuscript or pieces of writing.

We are based in Austin and Houston, TX, but service writers from all over the world. Only 10% of our authors are local to the city, so we make great use of several communication channels to always stay connected and available.

Opportune publishing has made it our business to keep a diligent emphasis on quality and precision, while always allowing innovation and creativity to seep through. Unlike many other publishing companies, all genres are welcomed here. We do not discriminate against what you like to write about.

For booking information, or if you would like to request more information, email